Photo Gallery (January 30)

January 30, 2010

S.P. Lopez at the AS steps, after January 26 rally in Congress (UP Archives)

The UP Concert Chorus at Agrifina Circle on Jan 29 before marching to Malacanang (UP Archives)

Salvador P. Lopez and the UP group with Ferdinand Marcos in Malacanang, January 29 (UP Alumni Yearbook 1970)

Another picture of UP faculty presenting to Marcos a declaration of concern, as a result of the January 26 rally (UP Archives)

From a peaceful rally in Congress, demonstrators proceed to Malacanang in the afternoon of Jan 30 (Sunday Times Magazine)

Edgar Jopson face-to-face with Marcos in Malacañang on January 30

While Jopson and Portial Ilagan were meeting with Marcos, trouble erupted outside the Palace. Here are some photos outside Gate 4 and vicinity, taken from publications like the Philippines Free Press, Sunday Times Magazine, Weekly Graphic, and books like First Quarter Storm of 1970 (Silangan Publishers), I See Red In a Circle (Alabado) and I Saw Them Aim and Fire (Rotea).



  1. Wala pa ako sa kilusang pambansa demokrasya noon. Ang simpatiya ko noong bilang guro sa Ateneo ay nasa panig ni EDjop. Kleriko-fascist baga. Sa mga sumunod na araw, unti-unti na ako nahatak na pumaloob sa radikal na pangkat bilang isang intelektwal, petiburges na intelektwal. Ang mga larawan ay nakakapagpapitlag ng damdamin at nagpapagunita sa antisipasyon ng mga naghahangad ng pagbabago sa nalalapit nang tagumpay ng rebolusyon.

  2. Thank you for these images. Reminds us all, and teaches the new generations, about our past and the pain and hardships we went through to achieve this democracy.

    ps. Thanks for posting the UPCC photo. 🙂

  3. these photos show how defiant the Filipino activist. Same as those who are opposing but not actually participating in every radical demonstration like Salvador Lopez et al. Most Filipinos for sure consider FQS an inspiration that may lead to greater ones similar to these kinds of events happened during the Marcos era.

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