The FQSL Collection

This library is organized to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the First Quarter Storm (FQS), one of the most radical moments in contemporary Philippine history. A quick succession of  massive political rallies and demonstrations  that took place in Manila in 1970, it was primarily led by Filipino youth and students, with workers, peasants, and elements of the urban poor subsequently joining the young activists in their protest actions.

Seven major rallies took place during this period. The first was a protest against the projected conduct of a constitutional convention in 1971, and the last a response to  a general call to fight “US imperialism, feudalism, and bureaucrat capitalism.” Most of the materials gathered in this collection are organized according to these pivotal events, specifically the following:

1. JANUARY 26 rally for  a non-partisan constitutional

2 . JANUARY 30 protest rally against police brutality and state fascism

3. FEBRUARY 12 rally in Plaza Miranda

4. FEBRUARY 18 People’s Congress in Plaza Miranda

5. FEBRUARY 26 another People’s Congress in Plaza Miranda

6. MARCH 3 People’s March from Welcome Rotonda  to Liwasang Bonifacio

7. MARCH 17 Poor People’s March and People’s Tribunal at Plaza Moriones

This collection puts together materials taken mostly from newspapers, magazines, and books published during the period, as well as from government and academic archives.  Also included are excerpts from various books on the subject.

We have also looked into some creative works—fiction, poetry, songs, illustrations, cartoons—which were produced during or immediately after the First Quarter Storm.  Other types of materials should eventually be included here. A collection such as this can definitely be enriched by the inclusion of video and audio clips of the period, which are in all probability kept in the archives of television and radio stations active at that time, like ABS-CBN and DZRH.

We are grateful to the librarians and archivists who have  supported our efforts to gather these materials. They will be properly acknowledged as this library gets established.

Lastly, we want to express our desire for  the younger generation of Filipinos to read, study, and reflect on these materials, and evaluate for themselves the important role of the First Quarter Storm in the development of a collective consciousness that persistently seeks an answer to the problems besetting our country.

The Administrator

P.T. Martin was both a witness and a participant of the First Quarter Storm of 1970. It was for him, as it was for many young members of his generation, a turning point in life.  In pursuing this library project, he wants his grandchildren and the future generation of Filipinos to remember that period in our country’s history.  He intends to develop the materials  in this collection into a book someday.

FOR INQUIRIES, please write to fqslibrary@gmail.com


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